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On this page you will find many different ways to "light" or "give mood" to your haunt. I have used all of these lighting items and techniques and have received many ooo's, aahhh's and Gross!!'s. I hope you learn a few new lighting tips and enjoy them as much as I have!

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Party Bulbs
Everyone knows you can go to just about any store especially around Halloween time and purchase colored light bulbs, "Party Bulbs". These are regular light bulbs painted different colors and these work great on porches, lamps, light bases, in props, & scenes. Also check out the
Colored Lights & How to use them Page.

Twisted Fluorescent Bulbs
You can also buy colored twisted fluorescent bulbs that screw into a regular light socket. These have a very strong color, much brighter & deeper! Also, they don't use as much energy or get as hot as regular bulbs! I have started using these in my haunt rather than the regular colored bulbs, and using the "black light" twisted bulb works great, you get a "true" black light effect from the bulb! Also check out the
Colored Lights & How to use them Page.

Mini Spot Lights
These are a new Haunt lighting item. They are Mini Spotlights made from super bright leds. They are about 2 inches long the base has a small hole to attach by nail or screw to walls or boards. You can also pivot the light and when in the desired position tighten the pivot screw to keep in place! These lights are available in many colors including UV (a true black light). Since these lights are tiny the light up a "small" area and not the whole wall or room. For example, if you have a scary portrait in a hallway and you want guests to see the portrait but want to keep the hallway dark you could use a mini spotlight and this will illuminate only the portrait keeping the surrounding space dark. Great for props, portraits, scenic highlights, etc!

LED Spotlights
These are regular sized spotlights with a few or many leds together (depending on the intensity) to make the light. These use very little power and can be placed in regular "spotlight units" with a screw base allowing for indoor or outdoor usage. Many different companies make these just type led spotlights into your search engine.

Pin Spots
Another haunters favorite is the Par36 Pin Spot this light, when placed across a yard can brightly light an area about 3 feet in diameter. They are a bargain at approximately $10 each. They come ready to be hung or mounted and they come with a real 3 prong power cord instead of bare wire. Unlike flood lights, pin spots don't illuminate the whole area. You can use regular bulbs or led in this unit. You can purchase these from DJ lighting stores either local or online.

X-mas Lights & Flicker Bulbs
When building either props or other decorations OR just modifying some you already have, you'll find that using Christmas lights will definitely come in handy. So having Halloween and Christmas stuff out in stores at the same time isn't such a bad thing after all.

You can use 100 (or more) plug in light sets, battery operated 10 (or more) light sets, motion, multifunction light sets. Bubble lights, light up candle sticks, C7 or C9 light sets and replacements bulbs (reg. or blinking) or flicker bulb light sets and replacement bulbs.

You can either hang colored strands of lights up where ever you would like them or put them inside something to really light it up. I like to do this with multifunction lights because they can fade in from one color to another to give you an awesome effect.

Bubble lights look cool in lab scenes.

Light up candle sticks work great for quick fake candles. I have used them in the
Lab Scene I put flicker bulbs in them.

You can also place the string light sets inside of some of the props I you make or have to light them up, I have also done this in some of my Paper Mache' props especially if you use tissue paper instead of newspaper and your project is "transparent" as to where the light will be seen glowing through it.

C-7 or C-9 replacement x-mas light bulbs - these come in steady or twinkling (blinking)*my fav*. I put them inside my fake foam light up pumpkins so that they light up all colors and some blink. I also put them in other light up items for a different effect.

Flicker Bulbs - I use these when I make Candelabras to make them look real and for the light (dim orange) they give off. You can use these in the light up candlesticks where ever you want a realistic candle to be, a lot safer that a open flame in your haunt.

* Make a fake fire. To do this make a stack of wood in a /\ shape, make it tall (at least 2 feet) and make sure there is plenty of open space inside of the /\, place 2 different multi function light sets (one yellow one red) inside to light up the "fake fire" make sure that there is plenty of space between the wood and the light! To help blend the colors more and dull the lighting a bit if desired try placing wax paper over the light sets.

Strobe lights come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy mini strobe lights, large strobe lights, dj pofessional strobes, egg strobes, led strobes, pumpkin strobe lights and strobe lights inside skulls and other plastic objects. I have found that the small strobe lights work just as well as the large ones, and they are generally cheaper.
Here are some ideas on how to use your strobe lights different ways........

-Place in front of
YARDBOYS when there is at least a breeze outside. Or place a fan (hidden) in front of them this will make them look like they are moving.
-In a room or in a tunnel, cover the walls with either aluminum foil or metallic table cloths. Then, place a strobe light or two in the corners this will throw your guests balance off a little bit and also has a great visual effect to confuse the eyes. For an added effect, place a fan and a yardboy up against a wall with a fan blowing on it. Or, just have someone dressed up moving around.
-Make ghosts out of frosted plastic or cheesecloth and attach an egg stobe (these screw into a lamp socket base - a small one I think) into each ghost, this will make each individual ghost strobe/light up at seperate times, cool effect. -Place inside a pumpkin
-Tie onto a tree branch in front of a crow, hanging spider(s), hanging body, ghosts, or whatever else you may want hanging from a tree branch.
-In a body bag room, with strips of clear plastic or ripped pieces of burlap or cheese cloth hanging everywhere.
-In front of a cage with a monster inside jumping around or excaping.
-Place pumpkin strobes inside real pumpkins, foam pumpkins, and other props to light them up.

Want your strobe to have some color? You can buy at the party stores transparent gift wrap, like the stuff they use to wrap easter baskets. Cut out a couple of small squares and tape to the front of the strobe.

Glow Sticks
One of the great and cheap effects for your haunt is glow sticks. They come in many different colors and you can put them pretty much anywhere. You can place them in many different types of items, pretty much anything you want to glow or light up, and they are a great alternative to using real candles (much safer!). For parties activate glow stick and carefull put inside a white balloon then, blow up balloon either with air or helium. If using air try hanging the balloons from the ceiling, great effect if you hang them from tree branches outdoors at night for a party! Try putting them in, skulls, ghosts, light up items like pumpkins or other plastic store bought light up things especially if you canít plug them in, this will light them up about the same (try 2 glow sticks if one isnít bright enough). Also put them behind things like, laboratory jars, pumpkins and tombstones. Or try hanging some from a tree with some Halloween garland or spider webs. I have discovered that GREEN is always the brightest color when it comes to glow sticks!!

Treble Lights
Using treble lights is an excellent way to add light to your haunt to create mood lighting and effects. You can use the ones with metal enclosures around the bulb or an plastic enclosure.
In these treble lights you can use regular round light bulbs which you can find in all kinds of colors and even blacklight bulbs, however the round blacklight bulbs are not a true blacklight and you won't get very much effect from them you will have to have the light really close to what you want to light up.


Also they have fluorescent treble lights. The fluorescent tubes DO NOT get hot, so they are so much safer to use! If you want to have a true black light effect in your haunt, using these are the best way to go. Most of these take a 12" bulb. At your local party stores you should be able to find 12" blacklight fluorescent bulbs, they will cost from $10.00 to $20.00. Just take out the white fluorescent bulb and replace with the blacklight one. These treble lights also have a thick plastic covering over the light, so if you place these on the ground they will not break very easily if it is dropped, stepped on or if it rains. I use alot of these in my haunt to have a lot of blacklights throughout my haunt.

Here are a few different ideas on how to use the round bulb treble lights...

*Place a colored bulb in the treble light and put in front of tombstones, monsters, spiders and webs, to light up unsuspecting items hanging in a tree, signs, paper mache items, entrances and exits, behind trees, on porches, celings, poles, in a coffin, etc.

* Put a treble light behind different kinds of walls for and awsome effect! Click
HERE to learn more about different walls.

Pumpkin Lights
Have you ever noticed the different types of Pumpkin lights stores have been coming out with around Halloween time? Now days there are many different types to choose from. Here are some types I have seen, a strobing pumpkin light, color changing pumpkin lights, led color changing lights, and led flame lights (these look like little tealight candles with a flame and they flicker just like a candle). When decorating your Halloween event keep these "lights" in mind. You can use these in a large variety of ways. Here are some ideas for you to try.

Place inside other objects like skulls, masks, white or image cut out bags,
Place inside items you have fog coming out of like, a cauldren, skull, bowl, or just lay on the ground when fog will be flowing over the light,
For a lab scene place these lights on a shelf or table them place jars or bottles filled with bugs, jello, colored water, or whatever creepy items you come up with, by placing these jars on top of the lights it will illuminate it for a cool effect. Use many of these to have different jars light up different colors, strobe, or change colors (look for a magical potion!)

You can purchase all kinds of laser units. Ones that produce a single beam, hand held laser pointers-single beam- great for making laser vortexs *SEE VIDEOS BELOW!*, multiple beams at one time, ones that create shapes or objects and many more. Depending on your scene or haunt you may want to include these units for a cool effect. Search the internet for DJ lasers and you will find a large variety of types and videos and pictures of what they look like and the large range of prices.

Watch how to create a vortex tunnel using a laser on the 2 videos below from Haunted.HyperReactor.com

DJ Lighting Effects
These can be expensive depending on what type you are getting. But they are well worth it for the added effect. You can get water effect lights, fire effects, all kinds of different color designs, sequences, gobos (which are kind of like a slide projector as the "gobo" is a round disk that has a cut out design on it, you can get basic designs or have one custom made say for a specific logo or graphic. The gobo is placed inside the light unit and it will project this image depending on the unit you can have the image displayed once or many at one time) and lasers.
Some of the most popular are the water effects (mostly used in pirate scenes), fire effects, and lasers. You can use the lasers to create a vortex tunnel using a fan, small mirror and a fog machine with it.

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