Welcome to Haunting 101!

Hi! My name Tracy, I have been creating home haunts and custom props since 1998.
I have always loved the Halloween season, the scares, the pumpkins, the special effects and all the spooky fun since I was a kid.

In 2006 & 2007 I became a co-owner of a Haunted Attraction in Lincoln NE called Dark Visions Presents. There was 6 of us who came together and created this haunt. I was lucky to be able to work with this very talented and dedicated group of friends who not only Love Halloween but also love to have fun. Being able to be a part of that experience was hard work, educational and definitely a lot of fun!

In 2008 I started "Fear Crafters Haunt Club" Fear Crafters for the Lincoln Ne. area. I met so many new friends and people that loved Halloween, who wanted to learn how to make their own props and get together to just relax and have a good time. We had many Make N Takes, BBQ's, fundraisers for local charities and traveled to haunt conventions and other Halloween events as a group. So many great events and memories while helping each other create new and bigger props and haunts! In 2016 Fear Crafters was laid to rest but this Spring in 2023 I have created Twisted FX Haunt Club as Lincoln and the surrounding areas needed a Haunt Club again!

I've also taught classes at Southeast Community College Continuing Education from 2009 - 2015, teaching others how to make their own props, corpses and special effect make-up. The most exciting part of teaching was showing others how to create something and watching their creativity bring some of the most awesome things to life!

I currently build & operate with my boyfriend Mike our Home Haunt - Shaggy's Sinister Circus along with all of our websites and promotional items. I will also be opening online store in the near future filled with custom made props, masks and all kinds of great stuff!

Whenever I am able to get away, I love getting the opportunity to visit haunts across the country as well as attend national conventions and of course always meeting new friends!

NEW! I have created a NEW Haunt Club for Lincoln and the surrounding areas as of Spring 2023 called Twisted FX Haunt Club

I also am the Owner of Zombie Squirrel FX which is where you can see and soon buy my custom props, masks and other creative treats that can be part of costumes, haunts or included in your own imaginative designs.

Haunting 101 contains many ideas and things I have learned from years ago and I am currently revamping the site as I am currently working on updates and new pages! Among some of the new things will be information about sculpting and molding with links for supplies for this. On Haunting 101 you will find ideas and information on how to design, make, build, use, and create most items without spending a arm and a leg, some items you may have at home already. I have also added pages and links so you can learn how to make more difficult & detailed props if you desire. Adding store bought items to my props (such as eyeballs, effect hair, UV paints, heads, hands, Ect.) and to my Haunt (quality skeletons, glow glue sticks, electronic motors & effect equipment, projections etc.) can make a heck of a difference especially if you are having difficulty making the items yourself. There are links to direct you to where you can buy high quality props, haunt accessories, & things you may need for construction of your own props. My intention is to help out others looking for information on Halloween haunting, decorating, and prop building. This site has a large volume of information and PICTURES!

Please feel free to send me an Email if you have any questions, comments or need some help!
Enjoy! *Happy Halloween and Happy Haunting!*

I would like to give a special THANKS to my Awesome Boyfriend Mike for all his hard work he puts into each haunt every year. To all of our Awesome and Dear Friends who also help with the build, set up/teardown and support of our haunt! To my friends on the internet, Haunters Hangout, Haunt Forum, Halloween Forum and the Howl2000 list! My haunt would not be what it is today without you! Thanks for the videos, how to's, all the ideas, information, all your hard work you share, thank you so much! Love you all!


DISCLAMER: Please use extreme caution when building any item from this site! Serious or fatal injury could result if any items from this site are not supervised, done by a professional or built/made properly. Have an adult with you whenever making or building anything for a party or Halloween. Home Haunters Paradise, The Monster Zone, Shaggy's Sinister Circus, Tracy Moul or any of her family are not responsible for any injury or accident or death that may occur from information on this site.

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