including character latex
& fx contacts lenses

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Halloween Businesses
- need some props or items for one???
Click HERE to goto my "Where to buy props & products" page!
A large list of Halloween and Halloween related companies from prop making supplies to music,
sound fx, glow paints, static props, animated props, books, magazines, contacts,
skeletons, lighting, and much more!
Check it out!

To check out Other Great Haunt Sites
(Yard and Home Haunts) click HERE!

Must see web sites!

Haunters Hangout - Haunter's Hangout: A community of Halloween, Haunted House, Prop Builders, & Make-up Effects. We welcome all home & professionals to join and share their passion with us.
Mark Butler's Monster List of How to's - Whatever you do, don't miss this one! The web's best site to learn how to make any prop and then some. 100's of props! Awesome!
Halloween Forum- A wonderful place to meet new friends and get great ideas and inspiration to create Halloween Props, to get help or just chat! an awesome place to get information, updates, make friends and just keep up with what is happening in the world of halloween and haunts! A great place to find new items and information!
Phantasmechanics - The best site to learn how to make a FCG (flying crank ghost). See pictures! Or you can buy one already make or pieces for one. Check it out!
Anatomical Chart Company - Looking for skeletons? Check out the items under their Halloween catagory, 4th class Buckys! Animal skeletons, models, charts, and how to's!


Haunt World Magazine
Haunted Attraction Magazine
Gothic Beauty Magazine


How to Haunt Your House - Books 1 & 2

How to Props

Devious Concoctions - many ideas for props! You can also buy their props,how to books, videos, prop controls, etc.
Haunt Info. - Buy books, videos, cd's, spider web machine, much more!
Monster List of How To's - a huge list, awesome site!

Fog Machines/Chillers/Info.

Got Fog? - Learn all you need to know about using fog, making fog chillers, saftey and all kinds of info.

About Haunted Houses
Haunted Illinois - your online source for everything Halloween in Illinois! This site features the internet's most comprehensive directory of Illinois haunted houses and Halloween events.

Halloween Music/Sounds/Raido/Audio

13th Track - your source for Halloween Music, listen to 13th track as a radio station while on your computer, buy the cd's if you like them!
Haunted Cd's
Midnight Syndicate- If you have a haunt of any kind you WILL want to have their CD's. Some of the BEST haunt music & sounds out there!
Nox Arcana - Haunting/Dark music by Nox Arcana - very well put together, awesome cd's.
Haunt Cast - A FREE online newscast, usually a hour or more long. Listen while you surf the web.

Glow in the dark/ Flash items



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