Stuff that glows under a black light

Item(s) Color item glows
White Paper White
Ripe Bananas
Tonic Water Light blue
Baby Powder White
Woolite Green
Rit Whitner Brightner Light blue
Glow in the Dark Paint Green -unless colored then paint glows that color!
Flourscent Paint Color used glows VERY brightly
Tide Laundry Detergent Light Blue
Tule - used to make veils ?
Milk Pale Orange or Yellow
Irish Spring Soap Bar Green
Orignal Lysol ?
Mr Clean Liquid Yellow
Flourite ?
Tumeric Green/Yellow
Mashed Spinage the Chlorophyll Red
A&B Vitamin Tablets Yellow
Some Fishing Line White
Vaseline Blue
Rock Salt Blue
Olive Oil Red
Glucose Syrup Blue
Creamed Honey Blue
Highlighters Various Colors
Vicks Chest Rub Blue
Mountain Dew Yellow