including character latex
& fx contacts lenses

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Here are some awesome halloween companies!
No matter if your looking for some great props, haunt accessories, or for some items for props you are making, these companies have much to offer and, have great products!!

Featured Vendors & Companies

Eville J's Creepy Closet - Custom Made Props and Masks!

- NEW 2008 halloween dvd set. 5-7 DVD's with over 8 hours of video. Watch video from all kinds of yard, home, and pro haunts! Visit the web site to learn how to get your set! Also get past years sets if you would like them to! I love them, great to get ideas from!

- Bucky's Boneyard- buy skeleton's, skeleton parts and other charts and parts. They also have prop ideas and tips!

- masks, props, accessories, awesome selection! Request catalog.

- masks, half masks, awesome latex wings, hands, bras, corsets, feet, capes & cloaks.

- animated props, books & videos, costumes, magic supplies, masks, event controlers, camo netting, haunted pictures .

HauntMaster Products Inc. - all kinds of controlers! Thunder & lightning flicker control, fright light, candle flickerer, LED eyes, event control timer, flip flop control, and more.

- Must Have haunt music!

- large costumes, puppets, cadaverama, heads, animations, corpsification kit, music and sound/scene cds.

- flicker generators, event controls, animations, costumes, props, haunted houses, foggers, candles, web cloth.

Scinister Scents - You can smell the fear! Imagine walking into a forest where you actually smell evergreen and pine trees. You wander through the forest and see a fallen tree as you approach it smells like rotten wood, every step you take the smell of the decaying leaves rises from the ground. What about the smell of a freshly dug grave in your cemetery? Goto this site to learn how to use the sense of smell into your haunt!

Terror By Design - Buy a Web Shooter, animation controlers, lighting effects, materials and supplies, haunted house books, cds and more!

- High quality foam latex appliances, movie quality!

- Buy jewelry, costume latex horns (small or EXTRA LARGE),costume ears, etc.

- Paint that is clear in regular light but, glows brightly in a variety of colors under a black light! Awesome stuff! Great for props!

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