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Welcome to the Pumpkin page!

What would Halloween be without the unforgetable pumpkin??
I know no haunt would ever be complete without one.
The glow, the image, the smell, mmmmmm.....

The pumpkin or jack-o-lantern is the ultimate "must have" for every home, yard, garage, porch, table or in the window around Halloween season!

For "real" pumpkins you can either grow or buy orange, white, "bluemoon" which are a blueish color, mini white or orange, they all are awsome!

Even though only the real pumpkins give off the most wonderful aroma when a candle is burning inside, if you want to keep carved ones around year after year the way to go is with the "foam" pumpkins.
There are basicly two types of "foam" pumpkins. Ones with faces already "carved" into them that you plug into a wall socket and they light up using a c-7 (nightlight sized bulb)bulb. These foam light up ones, in which I own many, you can get these in orange, white, black, and flourscent colors. Another advantage to the "light up" pumpkins is that you can put regular or blinking colored bulbs into them just by replacing the light it comes with, with a c-7 replacement x-mas light, steady or blinking(another favorite of mine). Now around my home in stores they start setting up x-mas items the same time as Halloween so they are no problem to get. If you are having problems finding the x-mas c-7 replacement lights try a christmas specality shop in you town/city or try the internet!

The other type of "foam" pumpkins are the plain uncarved ones. One of the most popular brands you will see in halloween or craft stores is the "funkins" brand. These are available in many different sizes and shapes. And just as that varies so do the prices. An average prices is about $15 to $20 for a medium sized ones. If you recieve coupons from you local craft stores like I do, for example 20 percent off your total purchase, it will help make them cheaper for you. Also, Michaels craft stores carries their own brand of foam pumpkins that are a little cheaper than the funkins brand.

You can purchase "hot knives" used for arts and crafts. (See Pictures On Bottom Of Page!) These will cut through the foam pumpkins like butter. These are alot easier than using an exacto knife and alot safer too!

One type of "hot knife" that is perfect for pumpkin carving is one I got at "Michaels" craft stores. It comes with to "blades" that look just like exacto knife blade tips. This costs around $20 - $30.

Also, lately the stores have been coming out with a strobing pumpkin light, color changing pumpkin lights, led color changing lights, and led flame lights (these look like little tealight candles with a flame and they flicker just like a candle). Don't forget to try these in other objects like, something you have fog coming out of, on the bottom of lab jars, in skulls, etc.

Here are some links to pumpkin patterns you can print out and use!

The picture on the right is the Hot Knife you can buy at Michael's Craft Store.