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The Strobe Room

In 2000 I made a strobe room for my haunt, the kids and adults alike loved it, and so did I for that matter. I couldn't even stand in there for long without feeling like I was disorentiated!

To make this I used our car port, I'm sure you could use a garage too, or a room in a haunted house! To begin, I took a heavy black plastic roll and used it to enclose the carport (I used heavy plastic in case it got windy so it wouldn't tear easily) and I cut two doorways, one on each end, then either with foil or what I used was silver metalllic table cloths (these come in large sheets and are thin, I got mine froma local party store -paper warehouse in the wedding supply dept.) I took these metallic sheets and taped them to the black plastic completely covering the black plastic up so all the walls were metallic. Then I took some doorway decorations that had long tassels/streamers hanging down and put them over the doorways so you had towalk through the tassels to go in the room, this helped keep the guest courious what was back there since they couldn't completely see in there plus it kept most of the excess light out too. Then I added a couple of YARD BOYS and placed them inside, attached fishing line to one of their arms and ran the fishing line outside of the room where someone was pulling on the line to make the yard boys move around! COOL EFFECT WITH A STROBE LIGHT! Then place a few spiders, rats, snakes, or bugs hanging down with fishing line, add a STROBE LIGHT and thats it! Watch the guests be amazed!

P.S. Attach long pieces of fishing line with NOTHING attached to the bottom of them to the ceiling, make them long enough so that they will brush up against your guests as they walk through, AND USE WITH A BLACK LIGHT (flourescent fishing line) OR WITH A STROBE LIGHT it will either be invisible or look like it's raining (acid rain with a blacklight) this will totally creep them out!