including character latex
& fx contacts lenses

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Haunted Lamp

This is a great way to get low and spooky lighting in your scenes.

These are awesome for desks or tables in your entry way, lab, by your guest book, in a bedroom, in your office everyday!!

Here is what you'll need....
-one desk lamp with 1 or as many lights as you wish
-black paint
-hot glue gun and sticks
*optional, flicker bulbs or clear regular light bulbs with a flicker generator.

To get started take off the lamp shade if any. Remove any metal rods you don't want. Then paint black. When dry, take your glue gun and sticks and slowly drip the hot glue down from the top of the light bulb socket, being carefull not to get any glue into the socket! Let the glue oooze down, fan with cardboard or something to cool faster as it drips. This WILL take awhile for it takes MANY, MANY layers to get a nice look but, practice makes perfect.