including character latex
& fx contacts lenses

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Grim Reaper

At night with night vision camera.Real look in dark.
This is how I made my grim reaper.

I took a bunch of chicken wire and formed the "skirt" part of the robe.

Then I made arms and attached them to the "skirt" part. I placed a 1/2 piece of pvc and 90 degree angle and another piece of pvc, long enough to match the length of the arms. Towards the end of the arms I attached skeleton arms and hands. I purchased these from BUCKYS BONEYARD . Next, I shaped the hood and also attached it to the "shirt" part. I found it nearly impossible to keep standing by itself because of the fact I had my grim reaper positioned as if he was bending/looking down a little bit, which threw the balance off. So, I had a weighted post with a hook I attached him to, and just kept it on the inside of him.

You could also hang the reaper or make your own post by using a 2x4, a cardboard box,quick cement and a nail/hook. Make sure you get a deep enough cardboard box so you have a lot of weight for your pole. Take the box and have someone hold the 2x4 in the center. Mix the quick cement and pour into box, let set, doesn't take very long. When completely dry add the nail or hook into the top of the 2x4.

BEFORE YOU USE EITHER MONSTER MUD OR MATERIAL TO COVER THE OUTSIDE..... I took a "lamp package" (from menards)(this includes a lamp socket, cord with plug in, all conected.) I attached this to the inside of the hood of the grim reaper and let the socket hang down a little so it not be up against the top or any sides. This was so I could put a colored light bulb (the flourscent kind work the best, cooler and brighter) in the hood so it would illuminate any sign I would have him hold.

Now, you can either use Monster Mud to cover the outside of your grim reaper, which will help the reaper to be free standing without a pole to hold it up. And give it a hard statue look. OR,

What I did was use black satin type material to make the robe. I wanted a more real look. Now first of all, I DID NOT SEW ANYTHING, I did hold the material over the "shirt" part and cut it to where I liked the length and width. Same with shaping the arms and hood. Then using sewing glue ( which permanetely hold the material together ) put a line of glue on the edges and held them together with clothespins until dry.

Now add your colored light bulb, and if desired make a sign out of foam for him to hold.