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Dot or Strobe Tunnel

A little history on the tunnel first....

I first created my strobe tunnel in 1999 as the Haunted Hallway then, for 2000 I enclosed our carport with chicken wire and black plastic finally covered with metallic table cloths with strobe lights in the room (sorry I don't have pictures of this).

Finally in 2002 I built a tunnel (approx. 15ft long) out of 2x4's, covered it with a large tarp, stapled white table runner on the inside then with double sided tape, taped various sides black dots cut out of construction paper placed 3 strobe lights on the inside, it was very disoriating when you walked through.

The image on the left you can see the dot tunnel behind me as we were setting up the rest of the haunt, it is complete with the entrance and exit completed also. The image on the right you see the tunnel under construction. The poles in the middle were to give the tarp that covered it an angle as it was to rain for a couple days and we didn't want the top to collapse from the water weight. The poles were not there when the haunt was open.

For 2003 I used the same tunnel frame and stapled black plastic on the inside then covered the black plastic once again with the metallic table cloths. I hung a small strobe light in the corner on the exit side which would be facing the guests as they walked through and another on the floor facing the exit. I wasn't much to look at in daylight but, believe me at night it was awesome and worked great. I didn't have the entrance or exit covered with shredded plastic but, you easily could to keep the light in and keep the guests wondering what was in there.